What’s New in the Kitchen?

March 2023

What’s New in the Kitchen?

Kitchen trends change quickly, and it can be hard to keep up! We don’t recommend completely remodeling your kitchen every time a trend changes. But if you’re curious about what the latest kitchen trends are, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s look at some of the new trends taking over in the kitchen.

Top Design Trends for 2023
Timeless With a Splash of Trendy

Many homeowners are choosing to combine timeless bases in their kitchens with trendy pieces. This could look like installing timeless oak cabinets and pairing them with trendy big, gold door pulls and a brightly colored glass tile backsplash. Door pulls and backsplashes are relatively easy to change out if you are the type who likes to redecorate every couple of years.

Natural Stone Slabs
Beautiful, natural stone slabs have been popular as kitchen countertops for a while. They are now dominating backsplashes from the countertop to the ceiling, cascading to the floor in waterfall edges and wrapping around islands. Natural stone is unique and beautiful and enhances these spaces as the basic neutrals they replace never could. We especially love using natural stone on the kitchen island with a waterfall edge. The waterfall edge wraps the granite or marble over the edge of the island to the floor – making your kitchen look incredibly modern.

Cabinets Are for More than Just Dishes
Nobody wants to see microwaves or coffee makers anymore. Instead, installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets that hide small appliances is on trend. While these cabinets reduce your visible counter space, you aren’t losing usable space.

Bold Colors and Accessories

Move over all-white kitchens! Kitchens with bold colors are becoming more popular. Dark blue or green cabinets with a complementary backsplash are trending right now. Repainting your island in a bold color can be a way to update your kitchen without remodeling the whole room. Hardware, plumbing fixtures, and artwork used in kitchens are getting bigger and brighter. Black and gold finishes are currently popular choices. However, we offer a caution — gold and black have not proven to be durable finishes for fixtures in heavily-used often wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms — and we recommend you select chrome or stainless finishes in these areas.

Secondary Kitchen Spaces

Secondary kitchens, also called prep kitchens or sculleries, are spaces next to the primary kitchen for prepping vegetables, cleaning and storing dishes and cookware, and doing messy kitchen work. If you need additional space in your kitchen, will love this trend.

An Impractical Trend

Lastly, there is a new kitchen trend that we do not believe will last – removing the highly functional kitchen island in place of a large dining table or something similar. Kitchen islands have been popular for well over a decade because they are so useful. Unsurprisingly, some people want to try something new, but we do not think this trend will last.

Does your kitchen need an update? We are here to help! Call us to discuss your wants and needs, and we will help you create a plan to give you the kitchen you dream of.

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