Transform Your Space with Creative Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

April 2023


Transform Your Space with Creative Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you want to transform your kitchen into a functional and stylish space, you’ve come to the right place. With these kitchen remodeling ideas, you can elevate your kitchen design for a completely new kitchen or update one or more areas in your existing kitchen.

Upgraded Countertops

Upgrading your countertops is one of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a fresh look. Not only will this improve the functionality of your space, but it will also create a polished, cohesive look. There are a variety of materials to choose from, including granite, marble, quartz, or porcelain.

When choosing a material, consider the durability and maintenance required. Granite and marble are known for their natural beauty but require sealing to prevent stains. Quartz and a newer option, porcelain slabs, are low-maintenance options resistant to scratches and stains.

Top Design Trends for 2023
Repaint your Cabinetry

One way to make a dramatic change in the look of your kitchen is to change the color of your cabinets. While you can attempt to repaint your cabinets yourself, you’ll be happier with the results if you hire a professional painting company. Thoroughly cleaning your cabinets to remove grease and dirt, removing all the doors and hardware, filling any nicks and dings, sanding — sometimes multiple times—masking off the inside of the cabinets, and then setting up a dust-free booth to spray on the new finish is best left to the professionals. Consider your existing backsplash and flooring when you select the new color. Dark blue, black, muted neutrals, and timeless white are popular now. Changing the hardware to a modern profile will also give your cabinets a fresh appearance. Painting the kitchen walls are also a good option.

Unique Lighting Fixtures
Lighting can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Consider adding unique lighting fixtures to create a focal point and add visual interest. Pendant lights and other hanging fixtures, such as bar lights, are fashionable for over islands or dining tables, while chandeliers add a touch of glamour to the room. When choosing lighting fixtures, consider the style and finish. Do you want a modern, industrial look or a more traditional feel? And remember the size and placement of the fixture. Ensure it fits the room’s scale and provides adequate lighting. Consider installing a dimmer switch for versatility to dim the lights when you want to entertain or relax with a midnight snack.

Consider a “Countersplash”

A trendy backsplash seemed like a great way to add personality and flair to your kitchen at one time. However, backsplash fads change every two years. We often fall in love with them because it is human nature to love the NEW. When we see a trend on social media, in magazines, or showrooms, we think we want to have that too –until the trend changes AGAIN. Our advice on any hard surface is to keep them quiet. What may seem boring now – subway tile or marble in a neutral color – is timeless. One trend that will probably stand the test of time is a Countersplash –where the countertop material is continued onto the backsplash. Using the same material on both surfaces creates a sense of continuity and depth and makes cleaning easy. If you choose this option, make sure the pattern is classic marble or quartz in a neutral color- white and cream are best.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the choices, we can help you choose the styles and materials that fit your budget and vision for your space – and stand the test of time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to transform your kitchen.

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