Transcend the Ordinary with Concrete

By Mark Lesnick
Founder, Mark Concrete

When I dream about remodeling my bathroom, I think about the new tub, maybe a steam shower, and certainly a gleaming new showpiece-of-a-vanity. I start the planning in my head – the textures, colors and styles. And then the demolition, the chaos, the mess! You may ask yourself, “How can I get the bathroom I’m envisioning with the least amount of mess and stress?” One way is a “Turn-key” bathroom vanity. It is a remarkable concept we developed to create a gorgeous work-of-art in a bathroom vanity that is simple to install and impresses the most discerning eye.

The “Turn-key” vanity system features a concrete surround with integrated sink and pre-installed cabinetry. All that is required is to set the complete vanity structure in place, install the fixture of your choice, and hook up the supply and drain lines and you are done with that portion of your new bathroom. One example of these turn-key vanities is pictured here with an “Erosion” sink mold.

Concrete has been called the “Defining Material of Modern Architecture.”


Erosion Countertop

Made in a controlled environment, the beauty of precast concrete is that it can be molded into virtually any shape and fine detail can be achieved because dimensions are exact. The color palette now ranges from bright white to black and includes primary jewel colors. This broad diversity allows for the creation of almost anything you can envision.

New, lightweight, recycled, expanded-glass aggregates reduce the weight to facilitate the creation of custom “Sculptures” that can be incorporated into almost any area. Another new product called IguanaCrete,™ is derived from recycled coal combustion products (CCPs), more commonly known as “fly ash” that would otherwise be placed in a landfill. It is the most sustainable high-performance cement on the market today. IguanaCrete™ has been used in a number of applications including cast stepping stones and pavers, reinforced retaining wall planks, decorative floor tiles with recycled glass aggregate, countertops, vanity sinks, and fire pits.

To see more examples of flexible, beautiful, and sustainable concrete, please visit Mark Concrete’s website

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