Top Design Trends For 2023

January 2023

Top Design Trends for 2023
If you’re embarking on a home renovation in the new year and planning your overall design scheme, you may have been surprised by the latest trends. The market is leaving all-white and greige spaces in 2022 and entering a more dramatic era, thank God.
Remember, your home doesn’t have to be “trendy.” It should be a reflection of what makes you feel comfortable. But, if you are interested in learning more about what is “in” for the new year, here are some top trends and ways to incorporate them into your home remodel.
Bring Nature into The Home

Creating spaces that bring the outdoors in has been a big trend for the last few years. This trend extends beyond adding plants and greenery to your décor. It also relates to the materials you use.

In the bathroom, it’s about pairing natural materials together to create a mismatched yet cohesive space. Using natural stone for your flooring and pebble tile in your shower will create a calming space – add a rain shower to make it feel even more peaceful. Natural light is also essential, so consider adding a large window or skylight to your design. Finish off the trend with a natural wood vanity, and your bathroom will be an up-to-date, spa-like oasis.

Mid-Century Modern
A more surprising color trend we are seeing is the use of pastels in the home. You have to be careful with how and where you incorporate them into your design, so your room doesn’t end up looking like a baby’s nursery.

With the proper execution, pastels will create a tranquil yet interesting space. One great place to add pastels is to your bathroom. Pastel-colored geometric tiled floors will add a ton of character to a bathroom space without being too “loud.”

You could also use pastel tiles in the shower. We like glass mosaics in light pink or soft seafoam greens. This will give your shower a lovely, elegant look.

Dark and Dramatic

Design trends suggest that stark white kitchens are phasing out. Dark spaces with abundant natural light are a new and very different trend. This translates into hardwood or concrete floors and dark cabinets– think navy blue, green, or black, paired with wood or dark stone countertops. The wall color should match the cabinets. We know this is a significant difference from recent popular kitchen designs. But, if this look appeals to you, it can be amazing – as long as your design emphasizes natural light to offset the dark finishes.

What do you think about the 2023 trends? Do they sound like something you could see in your home? Regardless of the trends, the essential criteria in your design choices are that they make your home comfortable, functional, and one you love.

Please contact us if you’re planning a remodel in the new year. Whether you’re interested in a new trend or have something else in mind, we can help you make the best choices for you and your home.

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