Spa Experience in Your Master Bathroom

Homeowners have very individual tastes and preferences when it comes to describing their favorite bathroom environment. It is important to realize that if you desire a relaxing, spa-inspired master bathroom in your home, there is no one standard look and feel for that room. The most important requirement is that it be a place where your personal comfort and enjoyment is a priority.
The gorgeous master bathrooms pictured here run the style gamut from Asian/Contemporary, to Transitional, to European/Modern. What ties these three bathrooms together, however, is the attention given to the 10 spa-inspired details below:

1. Calming hues that harmonize with each other and are flattering to your natural skin tones. Surrounding yourself with favorable colors can enhance your mood.

2. Elegant natural materials that are also eco-friendly—promotes pure pleasure. Experiencing the natural beauty of wood, bamboo, glass, stone and metal is even more satisfying when you know your selections are sustainable.

3. Straighter, less complicated cabinet exteriors, with highly-functional interior organizational systems to optimize storage. An uncluttered environment helps refresh and rejuvenate your mind.

4. Dual sinks, cabinets and closets that provide room for more than one person to use the master bathroom. If you share the room with someone else, having your own personal space will increase your feeling of tranquility.

5. Plenty of natural and artificial light for safety and a sense of well-being. Light plays an important role in helping you avoid accidents; plus, the amount of time you are exposed to light can affect your emotions.

6. Commodious zero-threshold shower and deep soaking tub—for all eventualities. Sometimes relaxation means a lengthy soak; sometimes it means hydro massage body sprays and rain showerhead in the shower.

7. Underfloor radiant heating and heated towel racks that ward off the shivers. Staying toasty warm as you exit the tub or shower prolongs your enjoyment.

8. WaterSense labeled plumbing fixtures, ENERGY STAR qualified appliances, and LED light fixtures that reduce water and energy usage. It feels great knowing you chose wisely and saved money, all the while helping protect the environment.

9. Easily adjustable pre-set temperature controls for shower, bath and underfloor heating that removes all the guess-work. When you are tired, how nice not to have to think—just enjoy.

10. Audio/visual enhancements. Waterproof audio devices can be installed into your shower- head or tub, allowing you to play music through a blue-tooth enabled device, like an iPod or smartphone. A waterproof flat screen TV can be placed in your shower or on the wall next to your tub. You will not have to miss your favorite podcast while you are relaxing in the shower!

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