Small Projects

You may have an important home improvement project that may be too complex for a handyman, and in your mind fall short of something a general contractor might be willing to take on. If so, we may have a helpful solution. Hammerschmidt Construction tackles those in between home improvement projects. 

Here are the criteria for our Small Projects:

  • They are too complicated for a handyman
  • They are multi-faceted and/or require more than one tradesman to accomplish
  • They are projects that you want done right for aesthetic reasons, safety concerns or lasting satisfaction
  • They need a permit

It may be a deck you need sealed by springtime, or a long-delayed plan for a skylight in your living room,  or dry rot removed and new siding installed, among other essential projects you want completed right away.

Wood Trellis

A trellis makes an elegant addition to a backyard and can support fruit trees, roses bushes, vines and other decorative plants or scrubs. Yet certainly a trellis can stand alone as an architectural element to add aesthetic value to your home or garden. Additionally, a trellis offers a simple way to enhance comfort and create more privacy.

Revamped Garage

A newly remodeled garage offers versatility and can serve many purposes: a storage area for recreational gear, a place to literally start a garage band and much more. With space at a premium in the Bay Area, a newly updated garage with a durable epoxy floor will promote a more efficient use of space and bring an unexpected wow factor to your home.

New, Remodeled or Repaired Outdoor Deck

The warmer days of spring and summer will be here soon and a new, remodeled or repaired outdoor deck is something many homeowners will want for dining, entertaining, or simply to increase household space. A spruced up outdoor deck creates a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor living.

Liston – Wall

Termites and dry rot damage prompted this small project. The problem started when flashing behind the brick planter was installed incorrectly and the whole planter needed to be replaced along with the other damage. The window was rotten on the bottom and replace with a new double pane vinyl window. After the framing was repaired, the wood siding was replaced with a concrete composite siding with two different textures. The client picked a beautiful color that works with the new bricks.

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