Jewelry for Your Cabinets

In an interior remodeling project, cabinetry is often one of the larger expenditures, so it makes sense to choose your cabinets carefully. You want to be certain you have the storage capacity and functionality you need. The height and depth of the cabinets are also taken into consideration. You want the cabinet style, wood species and finishes to create that fabulous look you have in mind — the perfect fit for your personality and tastes.

One small detail that is often overlooked is the decorative hardware. Yet sometimes it is the tiniest detail that makes the biggest impact and leaves a lasting impression. While still in the planning stage of your project, take some quality time to select your decorative hardware.

One of your first considerations should be how the hardware feels to your hand. Since you continually open and close your cabinet doors and drawers, hand comfort and accessibility is vital. The hardware should project out from your cabinet far enough to protect the cabinet finish from sharp fingernails or oil from your fingers. For some people with limited hand mobility, a pull may be easier to grasp than a knob. In this case, test it out and make sure it is large enough to grip with the entire hand.

Secondly, your decorative hardware should coordinate with the style and proportion of your cabinets. When used appropriately, decorative hardware doesn’t clamor for its own individual attention, but rather intensifies the loveliness of your cabinet, and thereby influences the look of the entire room. A long, lean stainless steel pull beautifully accentuates a streamlined European-style cabinet. A vintage-style cabinet becomes even more lovely when set off by an elegant period piece garnished with gemstones.

Finally, when making your choices, remember to have fun and be creative. You do not have to match every piece of hardware from room to room. Too much similarity throughout your home decreases the excitement. Select something out-of-the-ordinary that fits your personal style and adds vitality to the room.

Currently the trend is for oversized decorative hardware, along with coordinating appliance pulls for the kitchen. Unique knobs and pulls are available in a wide range of materials, from metal, porcelain and glass to stone, wood and even leather. The most popular metal finishes are brushed nickel, stainless steel, polished chrome, and hand-rubbed finishes in bronze, pewter and antique brass.

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