Remodeling Ideas for Empty Nesters

February 2023

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It is a bittersweet situation. Your kids will soon leave home to start their own lives, and sad to think they won’t be under the same roof anymore.
If you need help figuring out what to do with these newly-vacated bedrooms, here are some ideas for using the extra space in your home.
Craft/Hobby Room
Painting, pottery, sewing, and crafting are all popular hobbies to take on once the kids are out of the house, and now you’ll have plenty of space to create your next project.
If the room you want to remodel has carpet installed, it’s a good idea to remove it in favor of something easier to clean. Water-resistant ceramic or porcelain tiles are excellent options and come in almost any color or pattern you can imagine.

Whatever hobby you choose, you will need bright, overhead lighting. Recessed lighting is a good option for a craft room; you can add as many lights as you think are necessary and include a dimmer to control the amount of light you need for each activity. You could also install a light/ceiling fan combination to help with temperature control and ventilation.

A long countertop with cabinets and shelves will help you keep your supplies in order and out of sight when not in use. We can help you design and install custom or modular cabinetry to meet your shelving and storage needs, and we work with companies such as Valet Custom Cabinets and Closets for larger projects.
Home Office
Remote work is here to stay. If your workspace consists of a laptop at your dining table, we can help you upgrade that; since you now have the space, turn it into a home office.

First, install a hardwood floor and paint the room a warm, soothing blue, gray, or peach. These colors have proven to boost creativity and reduce stress. You’ll also need desk space. This should have enough space to hold your computer, keyboard, and any files or paperwork you may need to reference throughout your day. Next, some built-in cabinets and shelves will help you stay organized and provide room for a printer, reference materials, and display space for photos.
Installing a skylight or oversized windows to optimize natural light will be a great mood booster during your workday and should not be overlooked.
Home Gym
Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and improve your mood. If having workout equipment nearby will help prompt your ability to get a workout in on busy days, turn a spare bedroom into a private workout spa.

Install rubberized flooring to reduce noise and impact from weights and equipment. You’ll also want full-length mirrors to check out your form. If you like music while working out, install a surround sound system and a TV for treadmill or exercise biking time. And make sure you include a place to stretch. If you have the space, you may even want to add a spa, steam room, or sauna to relax and revitalize at the end of the day.

What ideas do you have for home now that you’re an empty nester? Contact us to discuss how we can help transform the extra rooms in your home into functional and enjoyable spaces.

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