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Expert Bay Area Design-Build Remodeling Capabilities

Hammerschmidt Construction utilizes the Design + Build approach to remodeling where one company is responsible for both design and construction. Our experience and that of many other contractors and homeowners has demonstrated that it provides significant benefits to the homeowner. Design and construction professionals work together at project inception to determine the best solution for each homeowner’s remodeling needs that work within their budget. Incorporating construction expertise at the beginning of the project during the design phase:

  • Eliminates costly and time-consuming changes to the scope of work and redesign.
  • Streamlines project production as key decisions are made in advance and materials and labor can be reliably scheduled.
  • Allows for reliable budget planning, virtually eliminating Change Orders.
  • And, most importantly provides peace of mind. Please see our Design + Build articles and diagrams for more information.

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Homeowners Identify a Need To Improve Their Home

Homeowners contact Hammerschmidt Construction, Inc. (HCI) because they have identified a need to improve their home. In a brief telephone call, we ask for a description of the improvements they would like to make and provide an introduction to our services.

Complimentary Consultation

Our design team meets with the homeowners to learn more about their goals and ideas for their home. We ask them to bring photos, wish lists, and/or sketches of their ideas and any plans of the existing house, if available. We discuss the scope of the improvements and projected budget. At the end of the consultation, we both determine if we’d like to work together and if so, we prepare a Design Services Agreement.

Design Services Agreement

A Design Services Agreement is prepared including a project description and a Budgetary Estimate for the construction costs. The Budgetary Estimate is provided at this early stage, before design costs are incurred, to assist homeowners in making cost vs. benefit decisions about the improvements they are considering. The agreement details the design services we will provide to prepare a complete set of plans including structural and Title 24 engineering and compile a Fixed-Price Quotation. Upon approval of the agreement, a meeting is scheduled to begin the Design Feasibility phase.

Design Feasibility Phase

HCI researches local zoning and building code requirements and meets with city departments to identify any impediments to the project. After reviewing the requirements and the Budgetary Estimate, we help the homeowner determine if the project is feasible as described, would be feasible with revisions, or should be abandoned.

Preliminary Design Phase

Once feasibility is confirmed, HCI creates preliminary floor plan layouts with room sizes and adjacencies and schedules a meeting with the homeowner to review the proposed designs. A “Selection List” is prepared for the homeowners to record all of their choices for fixtures, finishes and materials and a list of vendor locations and websites to visit. Homeowners review the layouts and HCI incorporates changes. HCI submits the plans for structural engineering and to the city for informal “approval.” The proposed start date for construction and length of construction are discussed.

Design Development Phase

HCI completes the exterior elevations and as-built drawings of the existing home and prepares the electrical layout, cabinet locations, door and window placements and specifications for HVAC, plumbing, low voltage, mechanical and vacuum as required. Contractor and/or Interior Designer assist homeowner in making final fixture and finish selections. Quotations are obtained for all selected materials and labor and a Fixed Price Quotation is prepared and reviewed with homeowners.

Construction Documents Phase

Final plans are reviewed and stamped by the engineers and any documents and applications required by the city are completed (demolition permit, temporary power, construction details, etc.) . HCI submits the final plans and an application to the city to obtain a building permit. Concurrently a Fixed-Price Quotation is compiled incorporating the specific materials selected by the homeowners and fixed-price quotations from subcontractors. HCI submits the completed plans and a permit application to the city.

Preparation for Construction

A construction contract and a production schedule are prepared and a start date is set. A pre-construction meeting is held with the homeowner and our design team as the official “hand-off” to our production team. During the meeting, the logistics of the project are discussed including a review of the construction process, property access, protection of existing structure, and owner’s requested locations for storage of construction materials. A time for weekly construction meetings is set and the invoicing and payment process is reviewed.


During construction, weekly progress meetings are held on site with the homeowners, contractor, production manager, and project foreman. Job progress is reviewed and the homeowners are apprised of the upcoming schedule.

Project Completion and Warranty

At the time of substantial completion, we inspect the project together and make a list of any remaining items and they are completed. A final inspection is held. Once the project is completed, the warranty period commences.


It was a pleasure working with you. You came when you said you would, did what you said you would and did a great job. What a novel idea!
--Kathy and Dave Mayfield, Sunnyvale
Kitchen and Family Room Remodel

Thank you John, for the wonderful team you have. Everyone is so professional, polite, and helpful in understanding the process. You guys are wonderful.
--Javier and Kathy Farinas, Los Altos
Bedrooms, Family Room, and Laundry Room

John and Lynn Hammerschmidt were a real pleasure to work with on our interior remodeling project, always polite and always keeping us informed. On top of that, the Hammerschmidt crew and subcontractors were professional and thorough.
--Craig and Edie Schamp
Whole House Remodel

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