How to Brighten the Dark Spaces in Your Home

June 2022

Do you have a space in your home that is dark or gloomy? Have you already tried all the easy home decor ideas to help brighten the room, but it’s still too dark? If that’s the case and you want to make a more significant change, we have some ideas or you to consider.
Open It Up
The best way to add more light to a dark space is to add one or more windows or french doors. The larger the windows or doors, the better. While this may sound like a huge undertaking, it may not be as difficult as you think. If adding a window or door is not practical, consider adding clerestory windows higher up on the wall, allowing natural light to enter without disturbing your privacy.
You could also swap out interior doors for french doors to allow light to flow throughout the house. Adding a transom window above an interior or exterior door is also an option.
Get Help from the Ceiling

If your room doesn’t lend itself to adding windows or a french door, look up to the ceiling. You could add skylights to allow natural light to enter the room from above. Installing canned or recessed lighting and a fresh coat of light paint are other good ways to brighten a room.

Add Reflective Surfaces and Extra Lighting
You’ve heard of accent walls. You’ve also probably heard about the design trick of using mirrors to bring more light into a space. Consider combining the two to create a mirrored accent wall. Alternatively, glass mosaic tile reflects light beautifully and comes in numerous shapes, colors, and sizes. Adding extra recessed or under-cabinet lighting and/or larger and brighter light fixtures will also make your room feel brighter.
Lighten the Flooring
Replacing dark flooring with flooring in a lighter color will instantly add light to your space. Choose a light-colored wood floor, easy-care engineered flooring materials, or light-colored tile.
Lighter paint colors will brighten a room and make it look larger. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have white walls. Lighter shades of just about any color will help to brighten a space.

Ready to brighten up your dark space? We are here to help. Whether you want to gut and remodel or add windows and lighting, we can help you decide the best options for your home. Give us a call to discuss your options.

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