Not Just a Green Home, a Better Home

Also known as “Sustainable Building,” is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which homes use energy, water, and materials and reducing the impact of building on human health and the environment. As one of the area’s first Certified Green Builders, Hammerschmidt Construction employs green building principles to enhance the beauty, comfort and convenience of each home we remodel. Smart energy design, proper insulation, and efficient heating and cooling systems and appliances help lower water and energy bills. Using durable building materials from renewable, local resources and ones with low toxicity, reduces maintenance and replacement costs over the life of the home and improves indoor air quality. Our commitment extends to the channeling and recycling of demolition and construction debris from each job site to reduce the environmental impact of our work.

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Riding the Good and Bad News Wave

Today, we don’t just build Green Homes, we build Better homes— ones that protect air and water quality, conserve natural resources, minimize waste, incorporate beautiful, low-maintenance materials and increase the comfort and well-being of their occupants. And, while the perception is that a Green-built home costs more to construct, this is not necessarily the case. In the not so distant past, homeowners were reticent to compromise their remodeling projects with the available green materials and techniques. Now considered to be an industry “best practice,” the need for materials that are both attractive and affordable has driven the market to respond with elegant materials that allow homeowners to embrace not only what they truly want in their homes, but what is good for the environment.

That’s the Good News.

So, now for the bad news: Over the last decade, “green” has morphed into a hip, educated, social identity – and a public relations mantra. Many companies have jumped into the market to ride the “green wave” without sufficient knowledge or integrity to assist homeowners in making the right choices for their homes. Teasing out the authentic energy and environmental benefits from the hype can be difficult. That’s where we come in. Our training and experience will help you separate the “greenwashing” from those products and changes that offer genuine energy, environmental, and financial savings. Read more about the specifics of green building below.


Resources and Rebates

Green Building Resources Rebates/Tax Credit Programs



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It was a pleasure working with you. You came when you said you would, did what you said you would and did a great job. What a novel idea!
--Kathy and Dave Mayfield, Sunnyvale
Kitchen and Family Room Remodel

Thank you John, for the wonderful team you have. Everyone is so professional, polite, and helpful in understanding the process. You guys are wonderful.
--Javier and Kathy Farinas, Los Altos
Bedrooms, Family Room, and Laundry Room

John and Lynn Hammerschmidt were a real pleasure to work with on our interior remodeling project, always polite and always keeping us informed. On top of that, the Hammerschmidt crew and subcontractors were professional and thorough.
--Craig and Edie Schamp
Whole House Remodel

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