Gather Around the Fireplace


Many people travel long distances this time of year to get together with their families for the holidays. One favorite spot to gather is around a glowing fireplace. Below you’ll find descriptions of today’s most popular fireplace choices. Is this the year to add the ambiance of a fireplace to your holiday festivities? Please also take a look at the descriptions of two recently completed remodels and find more information about them on our website.

Adding a fireplace has proven to increase the value of your home — while you are living in it, as well as when you are ready to sell. It can heighten your enjoyment of your home by providing a cozy focal point in your family room or master bedroom. And realtors have found that most prospective buyers are attracted to a home with a fireplace, since it creates such a welcoming atmosphere.

· A wood-burning fireplace (pictured above) provides those delightful crackling sounds that may be an essential part of the fireplace experience for you, however, due to their environmental impact they can no longer be built in California. A factory-built, self-contained zero-clearance firebox requires no foundation and simply needs a double-wall metal chimney. Since it may be installed to within 1/4″ of combustible wall materials, it offers great design possibilities. And, if you want to update an existing wood-burning fireplace, an EPA-certified fireplace insert can convert an existing fireplace to an efficient, low-polluting, heating system for your home on chilly days.

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