Fireplace Ideas to Add Style to Your Home

October 2022


Fireplace Ideas to Add Style to Your Home
It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting colder, and soon we’ll be spending more time indoors.
Whether you’re snuggled up watching a movie or wanting to add ambiance to your home, a fireplace provides cold-weather comfort. Fireplaces have been used for thousands of years, beginning in the Stone Age as simple dug-out holes; they became a necessity, serving as the home’s primary heat source and hub, and were relied on for cooking. In the 21st century, fireplaces still serve as a source of heat and continue to bring families together, yet have transitioned into more of a luxury in modern-day homes.
And from a design standpoint, there are plenty of ways you can make a statement with your fireplace that reflects your style and creates a focal point in any room. If you’d like to add a fireplace to your home or spruce up an existing one, here are some fireplace trends to inspire you.
A stone fireplace is an excellent option to add texture to a room. Stone fireplaces have been popular for years, and we don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon, especially since natural elements have been prevalent in-home design trends.
Pairing your stone fireplace with natural wood beams or a wood mantle is a great way to create a stunning focal point in your space. You could also use light stone, like travertine, in an all-white room to create a bright, luxurious space. Whatever you decide, a stone fireplace will be an excellent addition.
Tara Kantor
If you’re hoping to create a timeless, luxurious element in your home, a marble fireplace is a great way to do so. Marble comes in many colors and patterns and can work with most color palettes. For example, marble can be used against dark walls or built-ins to create a dramatic element in a study or great room.
Room Divider
Many homeowners are steering away from completely open spaces and finding ways to create defined living areas. One way to achieve this is by installing a room divider fireplace. These fireplaces are often installed between a dining area and a living room, but you can get creative and install them in other places, such as between a bedroom and a bathroom
Room divider fireplaces are also helpful in warming multiple areas of your home at the same time.
A newer trend in home design is the minimalist style. This style avoids intricate detailing and opts for clean, uncluttered lines. A minimalist-style fireplace blends into the room, focusing on the beauty of the flames instead of the decorative elements that often surround a fireplace.
Frameless fireplaces look best in homes with a modern, high-end style. They are an excellent addition to a living room or a bathroom as a surprise finishing touch.
Gas fireplaces are still the best option for California because you can be easily added to an existing space. However, like wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces (and cooktops and ranges) may be banned in the near future in California due to environmental concerns.
What type of fireplace would work best in your home? If you aren’t sure, we can help you decide. Give us a call so we can help you choose where your fireplace should go and what style would best compliment your home.

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