Creative Ways to Add Color in Your Next Home Remodel

November 2021
Creative Ways to Add Color in Your Next Home Remodel

When you remodel your home, why not look for ways to add interest with color? Bold statements and small splashes of color are on trend this year, and it’s expected that this will continue into 2022.

 are many options for adding a bold color to the kitchen. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Appliances – For something a little unexpected, steer away from stainless steel and instead go for a matte gray for a high-tech look. Or, pick a range in a fabulous color like cobalt blue or copper to build your room around.
  • Cabinets – One of the main focal points of kitchens is cabinetry. You can find cabinets in many colors and mix and match them for an eclectic look. Dark woods provide a rich, refined look, while muted blues and greens make kitchens feel serene and welcoming.
  • Backsplash –Installing a colorful backsplash or one with metal or glass tile can give your kitchen a personality when surrounded by a plain, white background. Just make sure that the undertones of any colors you choose for your kitchen – in tile, countertops, cabinetry, and flooring- are all the same.


Since they are usually smaller spaces, you might try out a bold color in a bathroom that doesn’t need to match the rest of your home. Here are some ways to think about using color in your bathroom:

  • Floors – A bathroom is a perfect place to install flooring in an exciting shade or pattern. A black and white checkered tile floor is a classic look; in fact, evidence of checkered floor patterns has been discovered in artifacts as far back as 1,500 BC. Or, you could incorporate colorful geometric tiles to give your bathroom an Art Deco look. Use them for your floor tile to offset your otherwise all-white bathroom or as a starting point for introducing other colors.
  • Lighting – For a small pop of color, install colorful lighting over your sink – perhaps in shades of black or gray or something more unexpected like yellow or blue. If you’re looking for a luxury look, install a crystal chandelier in glittering gold or silver.
  • Unexpected Tub – Imagine how much your bathroom space would be transformed if you installed a free-standing bathtub with a black exterior and used that to set the design for the rest of the room.
Living Room
A living room remodel can be a huge undertaking. While you’re working on your design theme, make sure to think about how you’ll use color in this room. 

  • Fireplace –The tiling around your fireplace can set the tone for your décor. Imagine opalescent pearl-white glass tiles that take on different colors depending on the time of day and room lighting, or sepia-toned fire-clay tiles that give the fireplace an old-world look and how that would set the tone for the rest of the room.
  • Painted woodwork –If you want to incite a riot, bring up the topic of painting woodwork. The “painting wood is a crime” cult will defend it with religious fervor – often falling along gender lines. Fans of painted millwork have an “anything is okay as long as you like it” attitude. In any case, you might consider (if your relationship can handle it) painting oversize molding an intense color like black or dark grey with taupe walls to give your space an elegant and atmospheric feel.
  • Furniture – Adding a striking sofa or patterned rug may be a safe way to incorporate vivid colors in your room without making a permanent commitment.
Short of a remodel, striking wall and/or trim colors are an appealing, lower-cost way to add depth, excitement, and personality to a room. If you’d like more ideas on incorporating colors in your home remodel, please give us a call.

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