Bathroom Remodel Trends You Will Love

September 2022


Home trends are constantly changing. Regarding bathrooms, sleek spaces are on the way out, and more luxurious, intricately decorated spaces are becoming fashionable again.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, these are the most popular trends:

Wet Rooms
One of the newest trends in bathroom design is the wet room. A wet room is a space constructed with materials designed to get wet and often combines the shower and tub into one open and luxurious area—an excellent idea for those with limited space. Some wet rooms include a shower space and a freestanding tub in a glass enclosure separate from the sink and toilet areas.

We know what you’re thinking—doesn’t everything get wet? Don’t worry. Wet rooms have a sloped floor, so water will be guided to a drain and not get left standing on the floor. Since the space is more open and there are fewer nooks and crannies, they can be easier to clean. And many of the new trends are connected to universal design principles. Houzz reported that more than half of bathroom renovations are completed to address needs specific to groups like aging family members, young children, or people with disabilities.

Neutral Tones
Regarding bathroom color schemes, neutral, earthy tones are becoming more popular. Off-white or clay tiles in the shower space and wood accents are trendy, as are wood and natural tones. A clean white countertop, coupled with neutral tones, looks wonderful. To add an element of nature to the neutral bathroom, many homeowners include greenery into their design by including shelves or deep window sills on which to put potted plants, or for an over-the-top idea, simply opening their bathroom up to a private outside garden room.
Vintage Details
Ultra-modern bathrooms are giving way to more vintage details. Antique vanities with intricate detailing are popular, as are freestanding tubs. Both look elegant and interesting while being functional. Large, ornamental lighting is a must-have in the vintage bathroom. Brass chandeliers or large gold sconces next to a framed mirror make the space look vintage in the best way possible.
              AVALANA SIMPSON                                                                        ANNIE SCHLECHTER
Homeowners are also installing wallpaper with a vintage feel. Think bold floral patterns or a wallpaper featuring birds or butterflies. Lastly, vintage brass or jeweled hardware gives the perfect finishing touch to the vintage-style bathroom.
A Smarter Bathroom
Regardless of the style you choose, your remodeled bathroom needs some smart upgrades. Home technology has come a long way in the last few years, so while planning your bathroom remodel, make sure to include some of these upgraded features:

  • Touchless faucets – these are becoming common in the home
  • Voice-activated showers – you can turn on the water with a voice command and set the water temperature too
  • Self-cleaning and self-deodorizing toilets
  • Interactive LED mirrors that can display your email, traffic reports, the weather, or your smart home controls

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