A Tale of Two Remodels

Check out the Hammerschmidt Construction website to view before and after photos and descriptions of two whole house remodels with additions, completed earlier this year. While the projects started out as “repairs” several years ago, they are now both completely transformed and the owners are ecstatic. Size-wise, is where they diverge.

One is a two story home in a suburban neighborhood. Built in 1963, the structure lacked architectural integrity. The original home was 2,525 sq feet and after remodeling it’s 3,939. An addition was added over the flat-roofed garage and architectural details (gabled roof, timber-framed entry, stone) created the architectural balance and symmetry the original house was lacking. Inside, the interior was configured to improve the flow and function of each space and the family’s love of nature inspired the finishes to create an elegantly comfortable home.

The second house, well, actually a cabin, was built in the 1930s as a weekend drinking shelter during prohibition. The stories it could tell. Starting out, there was 1,128 sq feet of living space, not including basement storage, and the finished project release is 1,191, but oh what a difference 63 sq ft can make. To be fair, there were other additions (up) for a clerestory and the interior was reconfigured. See more on our website.

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