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Since 1996, Hammerschmidt Construction, has provided award-winning, design and remodeling services to San Francisco Bay Area homeowners in Atherton, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Sunnyvale, San Jose and surrounding Silicon Valley cities.

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Whether you’re contemplating a whole house remodel, addition, or the renovation of a kitchen or bathroom, Hammerschmidt Construction's proven Design + Build process will help you envision new possibilities for improving the function, beauty, and value of your home. As one of the area's first Certified Green Builders, we also assure that remodeling increases it’s comfort and energy efficiency as well.

And, because we provide reliable cost information throughout the process, you’ll feel confident that the design decisions you make, optimize your financial investment and increase the value of your home. Once the dust has settled and you're living in your newly-remodeled home, we want you to Love Your Home and feel certain that you chose the right company for your project.

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It’s Been a Real Game-Changer “Now, when I”m away, I can’t wait to get home. Remodeling our home with Hammerschmidt Construction has been a real game-changer. . . .

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It was a pleasure working with you. You came when you said you would, did what you said you would and did a great job. What a novel idea!
–Kathy and Dave Mayfield, Sunnyvale
Kitchen and Family Room Remodel

Thank you John, for the wonderful team you have. Everyone is so professional, polite, and helpful in understanding the process. You guys are wonderful.
–Javier and Kathy Farinas, Los Altos
Bedrooms, Family Room, and Laundry Room

John and Lynn Hammerschmidt were a real pleasure to work with on our interior remodeling project, always polite and always keeping us informed. On top of that, the Hammerschmidt crew and subcontractors were professional and thorough.
–Craig and Edie Schamp
Whole House Remodel

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Remodeling and Home Design

What Are The Most Important Qualities To Consider When Hiring A Los Altos Remodeling Contractor?

The process of hiring a remodeling contractor in Los Altos California requires careful consideration. Selecting the right individual to perform a kitchen remodel job can mean the difference between success and failure in achieving desired goals. It is important to have clear criteria for evaluating potential candidates so an informed decision may be made.

What Is Included in Kitchen and Bath Remodeling or Home Renovation in Los Altos?

Remodeling and renovating refer to altering or improving an existing structure. Home remodeling projects can range from minor repairs, such as replacing a doorknob or light fixture, to major renovations, such as adding a new room or updating the kitchen or bathroom. When considering home remodeling contractors for your project, it is important to consider several factors to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

The first factor to consider when hiring a Los Altos construction contractor for your home renovation is experience. Experienced home renovation contractors like Hammerschmidt Construction in Los Altos will have a working knowledge of building codes, which ensure safety and compliance with local regulations. Hammerschmidt Construction has completed many renovation projects in the Bay Area including Los Gatos, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Redwood City, Menlo Park and several other cities. Additionally, experienced contractors work faster and more efficiently due to their familiarity with construction processes and materials required to complete the job successfully.

It’s also essential to ask potential contractors about their references and determine what kind of replacement cost they offer should something go wrong during your project. A reputable contractor should be able to provide past customer reviews so you can gain insight into how they perform on similar jobs as yours.

Furthermore, online research resources like The National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) website, where you can view members’ portfolios and read feedback regarding their services provided before making any final decisions on who to hire for your home improvement needs.

What are the Qualities Of A Remodeling Professional?

Attention to detail is crucial in remodeling work. Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or home remodeling contractors must carefully consider the project details to ensure the highest quality results. Communication and consultation skills are essential for a successful remodeling project. A remodeler must effectively communicate with the homeowner and other professionals involved in the project.

Technical expertise is also a must for a remodeling professional. Construction contractors must thoroughly know building codes and regulations and understand the different materials and techniques used in remodeling.

A professional remodeler should also have experience dealing with issues that may arise during the project. Attention to safety is also important in remodeling work. Contractors must be knowledgeable about safety protocols and follow them at all times to protect the health and safety of everyone involved in the project.

Finally, a good contractor for your Los Altos home project must be reliable and trustworthy. They should be able to meet deadlines, provide accurate estimates and deliver quality work.

Read more about what kind of qualities you should look for when looking for Los Altos Hills home remodeling contractors:

Attention To Detail

When hiring a home improvement contractor, attention to detail is one of the most important qualities to consider. Paying close attention to even the smallest details can make all the difference between an average job and a truly amazing finished product that meets your vision. A contractor who takes pride in their work will ensure that every step of the job is done correctly, from start to finish.

A good way to assess a potential home remodeling contractor’s attention to detail is by asking for references or credentials before making final decisions. When looking into contractors near you, only hire electricians and other subcontractors with proof they are licensed professionals and have completed successful jobs in your area. This will give you peace of mind knowing that each step of the project is being handled with precision and care.

By taking these precautions when hiring a remodeling contractor, homeowners can rest assured that their job will be performed as efficiently as possible while still achieving quality results. For your home renovation project to turn out exactly as planned, it’s essential to choose someone who has proven experience and puts great importance on paying attention to every small detail throughout the process.

Communication Skills

When hiring a remodeling contractor for bath or kitchen remodeling and home renovation, communication skills are another important factor to consider. A successful home renovation project requires excellent communication between the general contractor and all parties involved, including subcontractors and the homeowner. The contractor’s project manager should have good interpersonal skills that allow them to communicate effectively with everyone on the team while keeping track of each step of the process. Any miscommunication or lack of transparency throughout the entire process can lead to costly delays and mistakes that could have been avoided otherwise.

The ideal contractor will be able to keep their customer informed about changes as they occur instead of waiting until after the fact. This means providing regular updates regarding materials used, timelines for completion, budgeting concerns, and other important details related to the project. Additionally, contractors should listen carefully to their client’s needs to provide accurate estimates and expectations from start to finish.

A remodeling professional who takes great care in communicating clearly with all team members has an increased chance of achieving success with a home renovation project. Not only does this ensure that everyone is on the same page during each step of construction, but it also guarantees satisfaction for both homeowners and contractors.

Technical Expertise

Technical expertise is a crucial quality for any remodeling professional. A valid license to practice as a builder, handyman, or other relevant certification should first indicate their qualifications.

It’s also important to consider their experience in similar projects and approaches to job sites – such as how they obtain labor and materials and divide the total cost between them. Once work begins, workers must be knowledgeable enough to carry out the project efficiently within time constraints while ensuring all safety regulations are followed.

The remodeler should understand how to accurately estimate costs so there aren’t any surprises when payment is due at the end of the job. Choosing a contractor with technical know-how ensures that your home renovation will go smoothly from start to finish.

What is The Process Of Home Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling or Bath Remodeling for a Home in Los Altos?

The remodeling begins with determining exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Creating a detailed budget, including materials and labor costs, should be part of this process to set expectations on both sides before beginning the project. Once the details have been agreed upon, the contractor will draw up plans and submit them for approval before starting any construction.

It is also wise to carefully consider insurance coverage when embarking on a home renovation project. This protects against unforeseen circumstances, such as property damage caused during construction, and ensures workers receive compensation if injured while working on site. This further emphasizes why choosing an experienced and reliable contractor is paramount for home remodeling.

What are the Five Stages Of Remodeling?

Remodeling a home is a complex process that requires proper planning and coordination to ensure the best results. The five stages of the remodeling process include planning and design, demolition, construction, completion, and quality assurance.

Planning is essential to determine the scope of the project and identify the materials and features that will be included. The contractor should listen to what your dream and vision is for creating a family oasis, have a discussion and consultation on what is possible and then stay in touch throughout the project to make sure everything is still in sync. The plan should consider structural changes, plumbing, doors, windows, painting, hardscape and other landscaping items, any patio / deck / pool / spa or other outside needs such as shade with a pergola. Demolition is the next step, in which existing materials and features will be removed. Construction is the most complex stage, as various trades, materials, and fixtures must be managed. Completion includes quality assurance and inspections to ensure the project meets the highest standards.


Planning is one of the five remodeling construction stages and an important process that should be noticed. When planning a remodel, it is essential to research potential contractors by reading reviews on Yelp or checking with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints filed against them.

Additionally, homeowners should ensure that the contractor provides all necessary services for their project and can complete it within their desired timeframe and cost. Once this information has been gathered, the homeowner can decide which contractor to hire to remodel their home. It is also beneficial to speak directly with the contractor’s previous clients to gain insight into how well-organized and professional they are.

By thoroughly researching each candidate before hiring, homeowners can know they have chosen a reliable contractor capable of completing their project efficiently and at a fair price.


Once the contractor has been selected, the next remodeling stage is designs. This involves creating a plan for using the best available space to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.

Depending on the scope of work, this might include making decisions about kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring installation, and home additions such as additional bedrooms or bathrooms. Other elements that need to be considered when designing a remodel are:

  • Fixtures like sinks, faucets, and lighting
  • Appliances such as refrigerators and stoves
  • Materials such as vinyl siding or tile backsplashes

Once these basic components have been decided upon, more specific details can be discussed with the contractor before demolition. It is also important to remember that any changes made during construction should remain within the budget and not exceed expenditures.

Additionally, all permits required by local regulations must be obtained before starting an interior remodel project.

With careful planning and collaboration between homeowners and contractors alike, creating beautiful spaces while staying within budgetary constraints is possible.

Demolition Construction Los Altos

Once the design stage of a remodeling project is complete, demolition can begin. This process involves removing existing structures from the home’s interior and exterior to make way for new construction elements, such as installing cabinetry and electrical work.

Depending on the type of kitchen remodels being done. This could include cutting out drywall or removing walls to open up space.

For those looking to expand their living spaces by adding additional bedrooms or bathrooms, it may also involve demolishing an entire wall or section of roofing. During these stages, contractors must act quickly when undertaking demolition-related tasks to ensure safety standards are met while helping homeowners realize their dream homes within budget constraints.

With proper planning and attention paid to every detail, remodeling projects have the potential to be successful without sacrificing too much money along the way.

What Factors Should You Consider When Hiring A Contractor?

When remodeling a home, hiring the right home remodeling contractor is important. From American Standard to roof repair and replacement windows, choosing a qualified professional who can efficiently deliver quality results is essential for ensuring your project turns out as desired.

The best way to do this is by researching local contractors and gathering recommendations from trusted sources. It is important to inquire about their experience in the specific kind of work required for the job and references from previous clients. Checking reviews online or through the Better Business Bureau can help identify potential issues with the contractor’s service.

To make sure you find the right contractor for the job, there are some key factors to consider when hiring one:

  • Professionalism: A trustworthy contractor should be licensed, insured, and have experience with similar projects. It’s also beneficial to look into their reviews on sites like Better Business Bureau or through word of mouth from previous customers.
  • Quality Workmanship for Remodeling Los Altos: Make sure that the contractor has done quality work on other completed projects by asking for references or photos of past jobs they have worked on.
  • Warranty/Guarantee: Be sure to ask about warranties and guarantees offered before signing any agreement – this will help ensure that if something goes wrong after completion, the contractor will stand behind their work.
  • Price: Get quotes from multiple contractors, so you know what standard pricing looks like and can compare accordingly.

It’s important to take your time when selecting a remodeling contractor. Researching their qualifications thoroughly and considering all these elements beforehand will save you headaches while ensuring your property gets the best possible exterior to remodel.

What are the Necessary Qualifications Of A House Remodeling Contractor in Los Altos?

When searching for a remodeling contractor, it is important to consider their proven track record of successful projects. Verifying that the contractor is properly licensed and meets all local, state, and federal regulations are also essential. Furthermore, a contractor should have liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage in the event of an accident or injury. A contractor’s ability to provide references from past customers is also important, as it indicates their reliability and professionalism.

Additionally, it is important to ensure the contractor has a good reputation in the industry, as this will indicate the quality of their work. Lastly, the contractor should be willing to provide a written contract outlining the project’s scope and materials.

Proven Track Record

When hiring a remodeling contractor, it is essential to consider their proven track record. It is important to consider the number of projects they have completed and what types of those projects were. For example, if you are looking for someone to complete a bathroom remodel or basement remodeling in an old house, ensure the contractor has experience with this type of project before making your final decision.


Licensing is an essential qualification for a remodeling contractor. Homeowners should always ensure that the contractor they are hiring holds the necessary permits and certificates required by their local government authority or national association to complete any home improvement project.

Additionally, some contractors may be required to acquire additional licensing based on the type of materials used in the project. For example, roofing materials require special licensure from certain authorities.

Furthermore, subcontractors hired by the primary contractor must also meet these requirements to ensure conformance with all applicable regulations. This helps guarantee quality assurance throughout the process and increases confidence in achieving a satisfactory final product.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is an important factor regarding the necessary qualifications of a remodeling contractor. All contractors should have the appropriate insurance coverage for the project they are taking on.

Suppose one contractor is covering all aspects of the service. In that case, they should be able to provide proof that their insurance policy covers any potential damages that may occur during the process.

Homeowners can search online for large and small local companies offering this type of protection as part of their services. Paying extra attention to what materials will need to be used in the project, such as walls and other structural elements, ensures that these items are appropriately insured against damage or loss.

The homeowner should always inquire about specific types of coverage when hiring a contractor before embarking on any home improvement project.

How Do You Evaluate A Contractor’s Remodeling Project Portfolio Properly?

When evaluating a contractor’s portfolio, many homeowners consider the level of expertise they have in outdoor remodeling. Looking at past work and finished products is key to determining if the contractor has what it takes to get the job done right without cutting corners or compromising quality. Asking families and friends about contractors can also be beneficial to know who they have chosen before. This allows you to gauge how satisfied others are with their performance when making changes in and around their house.

Your contractor must have experience working with other workers such as electricians, plumbers, painters, architects, and designers because these professionals may need to collaborate on certain tasks during the renovation process. A reliable contractor should also be adept at reading plans carefully so that there are clear understandings between all parties involved in completing the project successfully.

In addition, a contractor must possess excellent communication skills to keep clients up-to-date on progress made while staying within budget and meeting deadlines. They must be willing to listen closely to homeowner requests and provide suggestions where necessary while ensuring that everyone remains informed throughout the entire process from start to finish.

How Do You Assess a Remodeling Contractor’s References?

Requesting written and verbal references from your prospective contractor is important. Written references provide tangible evidence such as pictures, testimonials, or video tours of past jobs they’ve completed that showcase their quality of work. Verbal references should come directly from clients who have recently worked with them on comparable projects and can speak first- hand about their experience working with the company.

It’s wise to ask questions like: Were there any unexpected costs? Were timelines kept? How did communication go throughout the project?

To ensure you’re making the right decision when selecting your remodeling contractor, review all available information before signing a contract, including prior worksites, reviews online, price quotes, comparison shopping between contractors, and general industry knowledge. Doing so will help guarantee you hire a reliable professional who meets your needs and budget.

Find the Perfect Los Altos Remodeling Contractor for You

When it comes to selecting a remodeling contractor, several qualifications should be taken into consideration. Ensuring the contractor has experience with similar projects, understands local building codes, and provides warranties or guarantees is important.

Additionally, homeowners must inquire about rates and timeframes for project completion and what measures will be implemented if additional costs arise during the process.

Considering these factors when hiring a remodeling contractor, one can minimize unexpected surprises and maximize return on investment in their home. When done correctly, investing in quality remodeling services can provide significant value to any residence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home, Kitchen, Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Los Altos

What Is The Typical Rate For A Remodeling Contractor?

The typical rate for a remodeling contractor can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the project. Generally, rates are calculated based on an hourly fee or a flat rate that covers materials and labor costs. For smaller projects, contractors may offer a lump sum price which includes all necessary labor and materials. Established contracts typically include specific clauses that outline payment terms, such as when payments should be made and how to handle any additional services requested by the homeowner beyond what was originally agreed upon.

How Long Does A Remodeling Project Typically Take?

The average length of a home remodeling project is approximately three months. However, depending on the scope and size of the project, it can take anywhere from two weeks to several years to complete. The complexity of the work will also affect how long the job takes. For example, if your contractor plans to demolish an entire wall or install custom cabinetry, this could significantly extend the timeline for completion. Additionally, delays due to materials availability or budget constraints should be considered when estimating the remodel’s timeline.

Does The Contractor Offer Any Warranties Or Guarantees?

When hiring a remodeling contractor, asking if they offer any warranties or guarantees is important. Depending on the type of work being done and their policies, contractors may provide a warranty that covers some repair costs in case there are any issues with the project after completion. Additionally, many contractors will guarantee customer satisfaction by offering partial or full refunds for those unsatisfied with their services. Homeowners must understand what types of warranties and refunds are available before hiring a contractor.

How Will The Contractor Handle Any Unexpected Costs?

A reputable and experienced remodeling professional should have procedures for dealing with unanticipated fees associated with the project. They should also be transparent about communicating these procedures to their clients upfront to ensure expectations are met from both sides throughout the entire process.

Should Contractors Be Familiar With Local Building Codes And Regulations?

A remodeling contractor needs to know local building codes and regulations. This ensures that all projects are completed following the applicable laws and ordinances, minimizing potential legal consequences or fines. Additionally, contractors familiar with local rules often have better- working relationships with suppliers and other industry professionals, which can help facilitate smoother project completion times.

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